Tuesday, March 5, 2013

T-6 Days, and things got complicated

Less than a week from now, I will be getting ready to head to St. Agnes hospital for surgery to remove excess skin from my abdomen and chest.  For a couple of reasons, I have almost had to cancel my surgery.  First, I developed a new ulcer.  I am now on medication to coat my stomach and sooth the ulcer and after talking to my bariatric surgeon, he didn't see any reason to postpone the surgery.  Then, yesterday morning, since I was leaving the house later than usual to get my blood work done pre-op, I was still home to witness Chrissy having her third ever seizure.  For anyone who hasn't witnessed a tonic-clonic (formerly termed grand-mal) seizure, it is very disturbing.  The emotionally hardest part for the witness is the time immediately after the seizure ends because of the condition of the person who experienced it.

My immediate plan was to cancel my surgery as Chrissy is now forbidden from driving for 3 months.  Fortunately, my Mom is coming up the day before surgery and will be able to drive us to/from the hospital.  Once I am home, I won't really be going anywhere anyway, so as long as we have everything we need in the house, we will be set until I can drive again.  The only exception might be the post-op follow up with the surgeon, but if I can't drive at that point, I have already made alternative arrangements.

Now the problem becomes leave.  I had enough leave to cover the anticipated two weeks off from work, but then I developed a cold and worked a short day Thursday last week and was off Friday.  Then yesterday I was planning on making up some of those hours (after going in late due to getting my blood work done) but obviously a wrench was thrown into that plan.  So, now I need to go to work "late" today (around 8), AND try to make up some hours.  Going to be a long (short) week. (4 day week now, but will be working long days).  Oh, and Chrissy has 13 hour shifts Thurs, Fri & Saturday and can't drive.  


Tad Callin said...

I hope you guys will be alright! We're all pulling for you here.

Chrissy said...

I reminded him that there's no better time to make up hours than in the additional 22 hours of my shifts this week. He didn't care too much for that suggestion.

Jeffrey "JGB146" Blake said...

Chrissy, That was my immediate thought too. But I can understand his reservations. Sorry to hear that you're suffering another round of the seizures.