Thursday, November 27, 2014

BMW Off-season To-do List

I will be updating this list as I get things complete or add more items.
  • Transmission fluid Done 11/28
  • Differential Fluid Done 11/28
  • Coolant Done 12/15
  • Coolant overflow tank Done 12/15
  • Fan shroud Done 12/15
  • Remove the rest of the trim pieces in the rear Done 1/3
  • Brake lines - Have arrived, not installed yet Done 1/3
  • Power steering fluid Done along with the power steering lines
    • Looks like some potential leaks there, investigate the E36 "fixes" for this
  • Brake cooling
  • E36 Cooling Fan Delete Done 12/5
  • Rear sub-frame reinforcement - planned for April tentatively
  • Strut Tower Reinforcement
  • Coolant Level Sensor Replacement - Yep, this is bad, replace it Done 1/3
  • Whatever else comes up.....
Future Items
  • Cage
  • Racing Seats
  • Harnesses
  • Oil Pressure Gauge
  • Oil Temp Gauge
  • Use body filler to smooth out the sunroof delete/seal it
  • Cruise Control Removal...Might not happen
  • Traction control delete (Leaving it in for now for any events that Chrissy is going to use the car next year)


Tony said...

Are you going to change over to SS brake lines? Low price and firms up the brakes!

Unknown said...

That is the plan. Rabbit already has them.