Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blogs been quiet...for a reason

I have been writing blog content, just not here.  I have two articles posted on my sponsor's website -  I have 2 more I have to write now when I get a chance.  I will quickly say that after my first run at Club Trials with Washington DC Region SCCA, I am currently in 5th of 16 participants in points.  I also took two random VW fans who just happened to stop by the track today rides in the Rabbit.  They had never been on track before, the guy owned an 09 Rabbit that he wants to mod so he had been asking me questions about mine.  I offered him a ride, and he took me up on did his girlfriend.  I didn't get to talk to either of them after their rides, but they both had fun and Chrissy said the guy was grinning ear to ear and excited after he got out.  If you guys stumble upon this post, I am glad you had fun!

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