Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Head Gaskets For All

Just recently I did a head gasket job on the tow rig (05 Tahoe). I had never done a head gasket before, but since GM has been putting push-rod V8s in vehicles since the start of time, I had plenty of resources available to help me fumble my way through it.

Besides needing a special tool to disconnect the brake line, and a torque and gauge while putting it back together, I had all the tools I needed, and the parts came to under $200. It took longer than I would have liked but it was my first head gasket after all.

The good news is that I haven't been losing coolant so I think it solves the problem, but in about 1000 more miles I will be sending oil off for analysis to confirm. I even towed all the way to Lime Rock and back and things seemed to go well.

What didn't go well was my plan to take 2 cars to Lime Rock. After getting the truck squared away and fixing a small problem on the bug, I pulled the green car I. The garage to check it out. While it was sitting there getting up to temp, it suddenly started to stumble at idle. I shut it down and started pulling spark plugs until one came out covered in water. As they say "Well there's your problem"

So, now, I have three BMW motors in my garage with blown head gaskets (one is a core I need to give to someone). I am going to pull he heads off both motors and have them checked and machined and then start building an M50 stroker motor to get me to 3l rather than 2.5.

The fun part will be that I am going from a push rod V8 to a DOHC Single VANOS motor for my next head gasket job. Hooray.  So, here's hoping I can get that all squared away before too long. I am trying to source the crank, rods and pistons from a track friend in the near future and start teardown if the two motors soon.  The progress of that endeavor might be posted elsewhere because my sponsor might be helping me out with that work. Time will tell.

So, that is a quick little update on my recent adventures. Hopefully the season only gets better from here.