Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Acquaintances I's friends I need

I KNOW a lot of people, but my list of true friends is very short. Of the 190 "Friends" on Facebook, three are true good friends. Unfortunately, one lives 2+ hours away, one is very occupied with his (VERY CUTE) kid, and the other lives half-way across the country. Back when we were in the states before (and we didn't live in bumfuck) Matt, Heather, Chrissy and I would often get together, or we would get together with Kirk & Sarah or occasionally Chris (when he wasn't TDY and didn't get lost....I joke I joke )

While we were in Germany, there weren't any issues in that regard because when I was feeling down, we would just drive to one of the tracks, and there were a few co-workers we would hang out with. We were also going on vacations regularly to other countries and I was enjoying doing photography as well. Then we came back.

Now we are back. There are a few people I talk to at work, but I sit in a spot separated from them. Because of how far we live out and that we work on an earlier schedule than most of our friends, we can't do we what used to do which is cruise home to the house and THEN figure out what we are going to do. We have to plan ahead for getting together with people. I don't drink so meeting up with people for drinks after work isn't really that fun for me (because it makes me want to drink, but after one drink I feel like total crap).

I miss it being convenient for people to just come over and hang for a few hours, not being required to devote an entire day to it. I also miss when I had the energy to do ANYTHING We used to go bowling, now I get winded waling down the f-ing hallway. Fuck....lost my train of thought...screw it...I will end the post here.