Sunday, November 21, 2010

I plan on blogging more....really....honest....oh, who am I kidding

Ok, now it's time for my regular "I really should blog more" post.  At least I have started making more of my updates through Twitter and then having them auto pulled by Facebook as opposed to only updating Facebook. That way, those 1-2 of you out there not on Facebook, but who read this, get a glimpse of what is going on.  And I am gonna blog more.....honest....ignore the fact that my fingers are crossed behind my back.

So, readers, or reader, or maybe I am just talking to myself...but you are only crazy if you answer your own questions, right? Right......CRAP!

Anyway, so this is what has been going on in the land of Crutchfield lately.  We traded in the 2006 Jetta TDI (pictured in the header above).  After the Turbo/camshaft fiasco of '09, plus the continued, worsening problems of the car, and our long ass commute, it was time to part ways for something more reliable that hadn't been driven at top speed on the autobahn, driven hard on the race tracks, and chipped for more power.  So, we purchased *drumroll* a Jetta......sorta.  It is a 2011 Jetta Sportwagen TDI.  I say it is sort of a Jetta because in the fatherland it is the Golf Variant.  It even has the new Golf front-end, but Jettas sell better in the states because "no one in America wants hatchbacks" (despite the fact I have one in the garage).  We made the purchase on 1 November with 149 miles on the odometer and have since racked up over 2,000 miles with an average fuel economy of about 43.5 mpg.  That is above the highway EPA rating which is 42!  I love diesels.

What else is going on you may ask?  I have started getting the pre-op tests done for having Gastric Bypass surgery.  My plan is to have that early next year.  They want me to lose 40-50 lbs pre-op, and between the end of August and end of October, I lost 25 of those pounds!  Last Thursday I had my Arterial Blood Gas and Exercise Saturation Tests.  Friday I had an abdominal sonogram, chest x-ray, and upper GI (which means I got to drink Elmer's Glue....I mean Barium Contrast).  I already did my stress test in preparation, and have an endoscopy and some consults left to go.  Hopefully I don't stray too far off course during this holiday season.

"SQUIRREL!" (eg - I got distracted as usual) Wil Wheaton will be on Leverage this season in an elf costume.

"Hi there"  Now that I got the Up reference out of the way too....I am also looking to change positions at work.  I just don't feel my current job is a good fit for me, and the hours don't help either.  What little extra you earn working nights isn't worth the headaches it causes.  I will also be making a trip down to the Fla to see the family in the next month...hitting the road in the new car and racking up even more miles! lol

I really should go try to sleep some more (been up since like 12:30 after sleeping for 3-ish hours) but I am somewhere between Tired enough to fall back asleep and alert enough to stay awake the whole day.  I am guessing I will just need a nap later .  Hopefully I don't miss too much of the race @ Homestead if I do take a nap.  I was considering working on the back breaks of the Rabbit today, but considering my sleep-deprived state, playing with jack stands, power tools and a car are probably not the best things to be using.  Right up there with taking NyQuil and then taking a 12 hour drive....not recommended.

That is all for now. Off I go only to reappear at some other random time rambling about how I need to blog more...yada yada yada.