Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Custom Vinyl - Track Decals, Numbers, Logos + More

If you follow me on Instagram, or are a friend of mine on Facebook, you may have seen posts about custom vinyl cutting.  Just this weekend I delivered stickers to nine people at the Shenandoah Hooked on Driving event.  Most were track outlines, but I also made some custom stickers for Gran Touring Motorsports for the Instagram account and the club logo.

Right now this is just a hobby for me, not a full-blown business, but I will be adding additional information to my website in a dedicated section about ordering vinyl.  For now, find me at the track, comment on this blog post or email me at Mike.C.Crutchfield at gmail.

As of August 1st (subject to change in the future) here are the prices I am charging for basic items.  For custom work, we can talk and work that out.

  • 2" Track Outlines: $2.75
  • 3" Track Outlines: $3.00
  • 4" Track Outlines: $4.50
  • 6" Tall numbers: $12.00/2 sets (Up to 3 digits)

Examples of my work


Track Outlines

VW Beetle Turbo S - Front and Rear VW Emblem fillers

Custom 1 color logo

Custom 2 color logo

And of the below chart, I will soon have more of the following colors in hand: White, Black, Silver, Real Red, Sapphire Blue, Sunflower, and Lime Tree Green.
Let me know what you need!