Sunday, February 26, 2006

Guten Tag

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Well, we made it to Germany, safe and sound, and are now fairly adjusted to the 6 hour time difference. We walked up to one of the bases today (around 12-14 blocks round trip, uphill going, downhill back) We had to go to the ATM to get some more Euros and while we were there, we did some (more) shopping at the PX and picked up some lunch from the food court and some snacks from the shoppette (gas station convenience store). We tried to get cellphones, but while the store on the base was open, the phone wouldn’t be activiated until Monday because T-Mobile Germany is closed on Sunday.

When we got back down here, the Parade for Fastnacht (Carnival) was going on, so we stayed out and watched some of that before coming back to the hotel. We will have sporadic internet (it costs 12.50 Euro/24 hour period) and we can be reached by email, AIM and Skype. Leave a comment if you want the contact info.

Yesterday, we were given the $.05 tour of a good bit of the Rhine valley. We drove up through towns on either side, passed MANY castles and generally got our bearings. We also drove past the house that MAY become ours. We will have to wait and see on that. Last night was dinner at a co-workers house, but Friday night and tonight will be dinner on the town. (Tonight, on our own for the first time) Well, I am gonna let Chrissy hop on the laptop for a few if she would like.

auf Wiedersehen

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