Thursday, September 11, 2008

"from here to San Francisco"

First off, for those of you who don't know, we are the proud owners of an 08 BMW 135i Convertible (E88 for the gear heads). We actually traded in our E90 3-series on the 1.

Out with the old:

Chrissy Driving on Hockenheimring

And in with the new:

Some Picasa fun
Anyway, BMW has a great Viral Marketing campaign for the 1-Series that I had heard about before I bought the car, but never saw the video until last night (and that is when I found out how deep they made it)

For me, it all started with The Ramp Move (Rampenfest). Rampenfest occurs in the fictional Bavarian town of Oberpfaffelbachen. Well, then I googled "Oberpfaffelbachen" to see if there was any more to this....and boy was I surprised. First is, the official website of this fictional town. On the top of that page, there are banner advertisements that rotate. There are ads for Unterholzner Construction (the company that built The Ramp), Peters B├Ąckerei, Sepp's Stunts (The proposed Driver of the launch car), and lastly, Evi's Rapenfest Souviner Shoppe.

Those websites were all created by Brendl Events (Brendl being the man who came up with Rampenfest). His other projects include a Schnitzel Toss and a two-year old's Birthday party @ a bar with a knife thrower....

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