Friday, July 24, 2009

The car saga continues

"A long long time ago (4 weeks) in a car shop far away my auto(the Jetta) went in the shop. "tension

Ok, now I will elaborate. 5 weeks ago, the Check Engine Light came on. 4 weeks ago, I dropped off the car at a well-know shop for european auto enthusiasts (that for now shall remain nameless). We will call this 'Shop A.' My Cam shaft and followers were shot. COMPLETELY shot. It was almost time for a new timing belt, so they changed that and the water pump as well. They also changed the oil cooler because it was possible that some metal shavings had made their way in there as well. $3800 and 1 week later, I pick up the car. I get about 7 miles from the shop, and with a big white cloud of smoke, the car looses all power and I pull to the side of I-295. FUN!

They tow the car back to the shop. They change 2 fuel injectors, all four fuel injector seals, and the car still isn't running right. Through this time, they never mentioned one price, and they often proceeded without talking to me first. After 3 more weeks, they call in a Diesel specialist from a VW Dealership (also to remain nameless at this time). We will call this 'Shop B.' He saw some strange things and wanted to look at it at the dealership. Shop A has it towed to Shop B at their expense.

Two days later, having not heard anything, and after talking to Shop A, I call Shop B. The Service Adviser at Shop B sounds pissed off at the world to begin with, gets an attitude with me, tells me he isn't the actual SA for my car, but that SA is gone, but reads off my old phone and address (I have been there since the new address, but ok...) and I tell him that is wrong and ask him if I can update it. He only lets me give him the phone number (1 phone number, not even home/work), and is done with me.

Yesterday, after work...Chrissy calls Shop B from the car since we never heard anything from them. Our SA is already gone for the day. Since it is a simple request to find out what the status of our car is, and they are open for 3 more hours, it shouldn't be difficult for this other SA to provide a simple answer as to the status of our car. He finally takes our number and says someone will call us tomorrow and Chrissy tells them she would like someone to call us that night at which point he hung up on her.

Today, I call Shop B and our SA is actually there (Wow, did I win the lotto?) and I am transferred to her. She pics up the phone and says "Can you hold please?" I say "Ok" and then the count begins. 30 minutes later, she finally takes me off hold (maybe she was hoping I would just hang up). When I finally talk to her, she says the car needs a new turbo, but that they aren't sure when they could get to it. (Grr...more waiting) Oh, and the turbo will cost $2000.00!!!!! Now, why Shop A couldn't figure out the Turbo was now blown, I don't know. But now, I have paid Shop A $3800, will be paying Shop B $2000, won't get the car back till at least late next week if not later, and consequently have driven the miles on the Rabbit to almost the end of it's bumper to bumper warranty (and will be beyond that soon enough).

Oh, and for some reason the owner of Shop A would like to talk to me on Monday. It will be interesting to see how that turns out. And Shop A said they could probably do the turbo replacement for less, but seriously, would YOU send your car back to Shop A for a new turbo when they couldn't even diagnose the problem?

I will try to post again once I have spoken to the owner of Shop A. Oh, and I submitted a complaint to VWOA regarding the level of customer service at Shop B.

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