Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Content Schmu content

So, I said I was going to try to add some new content to my site this weekend, well, in a way this is new content (granted it is a real cop out). I planned on working on adding ACTUAL content, but the AT-AT Walker took up most of yesterday, and today, we ran to Best Buy, I am watching the Ravens rack up penalty yards, and I am backing up my computer (got a 1.5TB backup drive). Oh, I also got a new mouse, because the left mouse button on my mouse had started failing. I posted two bad videos of the AT-AT walker on Flickr. I will take some good pictures soon.

Well, I did add a bit of content, I updated the sites/links page and I updated the photos page to add a few more HDR images. Well, that is it for now I guess. I had some other things in mind, but I got distracted when the ravens lost Angry

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