Sunday, July 4, 2010

A little update

So, again, it has taken me a while to update. Oh well. What do you want from me anyway? That's what I thought!

I thought I would post a little update about what has been going on. My train layout is coming along nicely. I have added some roadbed to the rails and started putting down "blacktop". I need to go clean up some stuff on the display and take some new photos. I do have some videos posted of the trains though on my YouTube account.  I still have to build another platform too, but this weekend we decided to tackle another project.

We switched the office and the guest "bedroom" downstairs (bedroom is in quotes because it had everything EXCEPT a bed in it.)  Once we got all of the furniture out of the guest bedroom, we painted it a pale blue that really keeps the room feeling light and welcoming, but covered up that awful egg-shell contractor paint.  We still have a lot of junk to clean out of the former office, and then we will need to paint that before we can move the bedroom furniture into it.  But there isn't a rush on that part.

Well, that's all for now....maybe I will work on the rest of the website a bit this extended weekend.


Chrissy said...

he means make the dining room a dining room again. The bedroom furniture from the old guest room is in the dining room we don't really use that anyway) until we can get the former office painted and ready for furniture.

Chrissy said...
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