Monday, January 16, 2012

Tired of this partisan crap

In the political realm, I fall more to the side of Republican than Democrat, but by stating that, I have already given readers a perception of who I am.  That is the main thing I hate about our two party system. Yes it gives you a way to align with people of similar beliefs, but with only two parties to choose from, that leaves a lot of grey area.  That grey area leads to terms like "extreme (left or right)" and "bleeding heart liberal" which lead to even more division.

I don't want to be thought of in the same way as the anti-gay, bible thumping Republicans, but just from my opening statement some people may have left my blog without reading the whole post with that impression of me.

Why not declare as independent? Then I would have even less say in the government. I wouldn't be able to vote in primaries. At least there is a slimmer of hope that I can vote a moderate Republican in to the main election that would get support from both sides.

So, let same sex marriages occur, leave the Bible out of our laws, and do people really need to be able to buy an assault rifle for "hunting" purposes?  At the same time, cut some social programs, and ditch the healthcare bill as is (and start with tort reform, and protections for consumers not mandates they have it). Of, and get rid of the Social Security tax ceiling.

I have now totally pissed off both parties, my work here is done. /rant

At some point I will write that other blog post I had planned for winter break.

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Jeffrey "JGB146" Blake said...

Definitely agree that our two-party system is ridiculous. Worst part of it to me is the focus that ends up getting placed on "make my party win!" over actually getting things done.