Thursday, April 19, 2012

I don't always blog...

...but when I do I talk about the fact I don't blog much.
I have been keeping busy with work work, freelance work, and house work. Work work wise I have been a promotion in the "more responsibility" way, not in the "more money" way. So, now I have even more minions that I am held somewhat accountable for but they largely manage themselves fortunately.
In the realm of freelance work, I have been adding updates to the GSMD Rescue website and pondering where I may be able to drum up more business.  Around the house we have put in a shed and put down landscaping timbers and stone around that.  We are also in the process of putting landscaping timbers around the deck, but were one short this weekend and haven't taken the truck to home Depot yet for the last one.
I also took the day off on Tuesday to watch Discovery be flown over the National Mall on the back of a 747 on route to Dulles airport.  That was an amazing experience and I am glad I spent the leave to see that.  I posted some pictures on Flickr and a video on YouTube.
I have another post to put up soon, and I need to go back and link-i-fy this post because the android app does not appear to be adding them. Links have been added.

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