Saturday, January 12, 2013

Where's the Gas Door Part II

When I made my original post, I had no idea how deep of a rabbit hole I was going down.  I have seen arguments from the economy of fuel pump availability to it being easier for American's to get next to the pump if it is on the driver's side.  I decided to go to the source for at least one manufacturer, and I sent the following tweet to VW:
@VW excluding the built by Chrysler Routon, is there a reason all VWs have the gas door on passenger side?
Well, VW was kind enough to get back to me with their response:
@crutchmc The main reason is that if you run out of gas and have to refill on the side of the road, you are not standing in traffic.
Another +Volkswagen USA enthusiast on twitter (@HumbleMechanicagreed with one of my thoughts in my original blog post:
@crutchmc @vw and no worries about opening your door into the gas pump if you pull up too close :) #vwlove
So, while this doesn't explain the reasoning for all car manufacturers, at least one has a reason to choose which side it does, which is a good one. I may explore the reasons for other manufacturers in the future. I also like the background image on VW's twitter feed, so here is a nice screen shot.

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