Sunday, January 18, 2009

Got pulled over

Well, we took Matt out for a spin in Der Bimmer last night since he didn't get to drive with us around the ring. Well, I was being a bit of a show-off, doing some burnouts (with 300hp and 300lb-ft of torque it is effortless) and zipping down some back country roads. Well, when I was pretty much done with my fun, we were just cruising along and the speed limit dropped from 50 to 40 to 30 pretty quickly. I didn't slow down fast enough, and then nearly in unison, Matt and Chrissy say "There was a cop in that parking lot back there" I look up in my rearview JUST as the red & blue lights start flashing.

I find the largest part of the shoulder and pull over before the cop has even caught up to me. Cut the engine, roll down the window, get all of the proper paperwork out and turn on all of the interior lights. (I am already getting blinded by the spotlight on the cruiser at this point).

Once the officer comes up to the window, she introduces herself as working for the sherrif's office and says she clocked me at 46 in a 30. I honestly didn't think I was going that fast, but I knew I was a bit over 10 over, so it wasn't worth arguing that point, so I just said "Really? huh." I handed her my licnse, reg, change of address card and insurance info. No excuses, no "I'm sorry officer" nothing. It is 20 something out and I figure she wants this to be done quickly, I won't hold her up at all. She hands me the insurance card "You can keep that" and says "I'll be back in a few minutes"
Warning for speeding
So a couple minutes later, she returns, handing me my license, reg, etc.. but I also see something in her other hand, so I hand Matt the reg for the glovebox and sheepishly put my license away. I look back up, and she hands me the slip of paper with some of the most wonderful words ever. "This is just a warning. No points, no fine, no courtdate. Have a nice evening."

I say thank you and am on my way.

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