Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jetta Update

Forgot that I wanted to post an update on the status of the Jetta.

Got a call from the mechanic last night. He said that they received the docs from All Data that they needed to know how to put the flywheel seal back in the transmission (all 45 PAGES OF IT) but then they found out that they need a special tool to install it. T10135 I think was the tool number. Without that tool, they can't finish the car, and non of the local VW dealerships had ever had to change that seal so they didn't have the tool. The only place I could find it online (with a bit of help from TDIClub) was in Washington State. Hopefully the shop was able to order the tool.

This was all caused by my flywheel spinning itself apart. Apparently it can happen when the flywheel isn't replaced with the clutch because of something with the dual-mass flywheel. I won't have that problem anymore (once I FINALLY have the car back) because I am going with a single mass flywheel, but the rabbit is getting a ton of miles on it while this is going on. It is already over 22,000. surprise

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