Friday, April 10, 2009

Migraines - Day 2

UGH...Migraines. They started yesterday (along with the fun numbness on one side of my body) and today, they continue. I went to work yesterday, but felt utterly useless because the Fioricet (Tylenol + Barbiturates for those of you who don't know) made me an absolute zombie. Today will be more of the same...hopped up on Fioricet, trying to focus on my computer screen at work. In case you are wondering, I am typing this blog entry with my eyes closed (the good thing about being able to type without looking at the keyboard).

In other news, the Jetta has been running amazing since I changed the fue filter on Sunday. That old one was REALLY black, and since I made the change, the Jetta hasn't made any large soots in first gear and hasn't been vibrating as much. I think the sooting might have come from the engine running a little lean from a clogged filter and then some excess fuel being dumped into the chamber. Anyway, as it approaches 70,000 miles (it is over 68,000 now) I will probably do the oil change this weekend to get it done. The Rabbit is going to need an Oil change soon as well, but we don't drive that as much. Maybe we will take it today.

Today, much like yesterday, will be a day of chrissy driving. I managed to sleep most of the way to and from work yesterday (the migraine meds helped ensure that) and I feel like today will be much of the same.

Oh, while we were eating at Chevy's the other night, Chrissy saw an advertisement in the bathroom for mobile rim repair. That will be a good way to get the curb rash cleaned up on the 18" Hufs I have in the garage that are destined to go on the jetta. of course, there aren't actually any in our area, so I will have to get one of the people across the bridge to do it.

It is just going to be one of those days. I probably shouldn't go to work because all day I will just be having a hard time staying awake and staring at the computer screen. Writing programs with my eyes closed is doable, but not as easy as typing a blog entry (and coding has to be uch more precise) If I misspell a word here, or leave out a paranthesis, no big deal, but if you do it in a program...*BOOM*

Ugh..guess I need to decie what I am going to do today. Maybe if my migrain improves, I will post again later (and a post that makes more sense too).

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Chrissy said...

Not bad for having your eyes closed. It's a good thing that my brain can fill in missing letters. :-)