Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekends go by WAAAY too fast

Why can't we be like the Germans and work 4 days a week? Weekends go by WAAY too fast. ARG. Well, I said I would get this post together, so off we go! Hmm, what to talk about first.

Bye-bye Pontiac, bye-bye Saturn, hello Fiat? Ok...let's look at GM's business. They can't get rid of Caddy. The CTS and XLR are the only two cars that I would personally consider, because they are both RWD (or optionally AWD with the CTS) and they are both amazing cars. The XLR is significantly different enough from the Corvette for them to both exist, and the CTS will be the only sporty rear-wheel drive sedan in the GM lineup once the G8 is gone. The CTS is the ONLY vehicle that can honestly compete with BMW. Don't get me started on the Escalade though. Buick still has an old man image (even if they have some nicer models now and Tiger pimping their wares) Pontiac has some unique models in it's price range for GM and some "Badge engineered" models. GM should find a way to keep the G6 line, the G8 platform (RWD Impala, Caprice, Chevelle?) And either the Pontiac Solstice or the Saturn Sky (since it is shared with Opel as the GT, the Sky would be more likely here). Ditch the Cobalt and move the Astra to Chevy to again keep that cost down by sharing the platform with Opel. The G5, G3 and the rest of the Pontiac line can go though. Same with the rest of Saturn.

Shut down GMC and merge the line with Chevy OR migrate chevy trucks to GMC. While there are some features that are unique to one or the other, does sales volume at this point really dictate a differentiation anymore. Stop pretending to be environmentally concious with things like the Tahoe hybrid. Bring some of the Euro diesels state-side and phase in working hybrid technology in lower-level models where it makes sense. You tried to put the cart before the horse by skipping straight to the Volt.

Fiat....well....that one we will have to wait and see for. I am on the fence about that one (assuming the merger goes through). Oh, and Chrysler....what small cars do you have? The Avenger, and Caliber and....umm......Bueller....Bueller? Even investors are told to diversify. Can't wait to see the 2010 Golf with a TDI in dealers though. Maybe they will finally bring a Tiguan TDI in a couple of years too. *I HOPE*

Well, lets see...what else. We went to IKEA Saturday in College Park....damn how things have changed there (and we only went to the IKEA and saw the area directly around that). We bought a new entertainment center and spent Saturday night and Sunday morning getting that swapped out and everything re-connected. We continue to hang more photos around the house too.

Dad & Cyndi dropped by today to see us out here in bumfuck. We went to lunch at the really good Italian place (which is actually in a strip-mall, but it is REALLY good) and then came back to the house for a few more hours and just chatted. They are going to meet us for lunch in Tampa when we are on our way down to Bradenton, Fl.

Hmm....that's all for now.

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