Sunday, May 17, 2009

Where to begin

The last week has been...well...shitty. At least from Wednesday on. So, let's recount the story:

Wednesday: Chrissy is driving the BMW and I the Rabbit. We are taking the BMW to CarMax to get their offer to buy the car and if it is good enough, we will sell it right off. On the way to work, I have to swerve sharply on 213 TWICE to avoid hitting Possums. The first time, I swerved one way only to have the Possum go the other way and I had to swerve back. The second time it only took some sharp breaking and a slight swerve to the side. Then we take the car to CARMAX after work and their offer sucks ass! So we leave with both cars. On the way home, the check engine light on the Rabbit goes on AND the BMW starts losing tire pressure. Seriously? So, we stop at a Mr. Tire to get the BMW tire checked/patched and I took the Rabbit home (hoping I would make it home without the car dying). Turns out the BMW just needed one of it's valve stem/tire pressure monitors reseated. The Rabbit made it home, but the Check Engine Light went out before I could VAGCOM it.

Thursday: Huge ass bridge backup coming home b/c of Cruisin' OC weekend + Cross winds meaning they couldn't open up the extra Eastbound lane.

Friday: Driving the Rabbit to work (Jetta got tinted Thursday after work so I couldn't roll down the windows Friday for the Gate @ Work). In Chestertown, a black cat crossed our path...we both laughed..."ha ha we will have back luck today". Then I got pulled over for doing 62 in a 55 by a cop who had been going the other direction and whipped around to come get me. Got a written warning. Then I ran over a dear carcass that was in the road and it scraped along the bottom of the Rabbit.

Saturday: Chrissy and I went to work to get in some credit time. After being there 2 hours, Chrissy was basically kicked out because she was interfering with testing that no one said was going to be happening. We are supposed to go get the Rabbit tinted, @ 1200 but get there at 9:30ish because we got kicked out of work. They can't take us till 12:30, so we had to kill 3 hours. Finally get back there at 12:30..Rabbit is tinted...moving on. Later Saturday we are mowing the lawn. I was weedwacking and tripped on the uneven curb and went to the ground gashing up my leg, banging my wrist, and landing very close to the still running weedwacker. Check engine light on the Rabbit is back on as well, so that is going in on Monday for service.

So, that has been my last few days, how about yours?


Full Passport said...

um; you live near a beach and get to drive a car, eat delicious mexican food, and watch tv episodes that are less than 2 years old - what's the issue?

Chrissy said...

I can't believe that Friday was just that great of a day. I thought all of that had been spread over a few!