Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Days out

I am now 10 days out from surgery. I am getting really tired of the liquid diet of course. Starting Monday/Tuesday I can start eating pureed food (fun fun). Our Blender is going to get a real workout then. Due to a combination of how little I can consume, plus the malnutrition component of the surgery, and what I have to eat, I am losing about 1-2 lbs / day right now. I know this pace won't keep up, but it would be nice. I have now lost 22 lbs since the day before surgery, and ~ 75 in total since August 2010. I have a long road ahead of me, but I hope I can continue to progress as I have been so far. August 3rd will be my first real appointment back at the doctor's office since the surgery (I had to stop in last Friday to have my drain removed) I am still having some discomfort when I am trying to sleep, so that hasn't been working out well, but the last time I used any of the pain killers was Wednesday night before going to sleep, so I am making progress there. Monday morning I will be back to the daily grind, so I guess I should enjoy this weekend as much as I can.

Oh, I might start using Google+ more than Facebook because I like the ability to share different posts with the different "circles" of people. If you need an invite, let me know. I still plan on tweeting and blogging too. I guess that is all for now.

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