Tuesday, July 19, 2011

2 Weeks down, the rest of my life to go

It has now been two weeks since my gastric bypass and I have lost 28 lbs since then (bringing my total since August to 83 lbs). I actually lost 3 lbs between yesterday and today. I am up to the point of eating pureed food....yum. It actually isn't too bad. The first "real" food I had was canned tuna w/ low fat mayo. Man did that taste good (but could have used some relish). Tonight, I had some canned chicken and fat free refried beans mixed together. It was good, but I ate a bit too much so was in terrible pain for a while. BTW - the too much was 1/2 cup..I can't even fit a 1/2 cup in my stomach now.

I am gradually adjusting more and more, but I am still having trouble with my sleep schedule and energy level. After not being able to sleep last night, I finally slept from about 2am-8am. I still went to work, but was getting really run down so I was only there for 5 hours. Monday I pulled the full 8 1/2, but Tuesday I just couldn't do it. Of course, work is a bit extra stressful since the lead for the other project left and so I now have two major projects to watch over, and two interns to help out, plus my own coding, oh, and I should start my promotion input as well....so yeah....too much going on at work for my first week back after surgery :-/

I hope to be able to get back to water aerobics next week, but I need to wait for my surgery scars to finish healing up, and the two larger ones are taking longer than I would like. I think it is partially because of their location because of how much that area of my stomach flexes and stretches when I move around, plus they were the largest to begin with. The others are mostly healed already.

While the 28lbs is great progress, I have a long way to go, and I really need to get more exercise in. With it being so freaking hot outside, that is difficult especially since I can't to go to water aerobics. I need to order a bike (that will support my weight) but I keep putting it off because that is about $500 plus, I probably wouldn't use it that much until it starts to get a bit cooler. I am still carrying around too much insulation to be comfortable outside in this heat.

So I guess that is all that is going on right now. I will try to keep writing on a regular basis to chronicle my journey. Oh, and for the past couple of days, I have been wearing polo shirts that haven't fit me in probably close to 2 years! WIN!

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