Thursday, September 22, 2011

Weekend Plans

Well, this weekend we will be rolling out to H2Ointernational down near Ocean City, MD. I have a lot of cleaning of the JSW to do this weekend before we drive down. It needs a good hand-washing and wax, and then I will finally get around to take some photos of the car once it is all clean to post on my garage page. Keep an eye on my Flickr account for a bunch of Volkswagen and Audi photos to be posted either Sunday night or Monday.

Work has been hell this week since we had to tell users they have been doing things they shouldn't have, and I received a bunch of backlash for that. Some of it felt very personal, and even though everyone says not to let it get to me, but for me, when I stop letting it get to me, it means I don't care any more and I should move on to a new job, so, my boss should be glad it still gets to me.

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Unknown said...

keep your head up mike, people are stupid.