Saturday, September 3, 2011

Haven't updated in a bit

Well, I know I have been slacking again and not blogging.  I have been updating Twitter and Facebook though.  I haven't even been on Google+ lately.  Not enough hours in the day I tell ya!  So here is a run down of recent news.

Since gastric bypass surgery, which was July 5th, I have now lost over 60 lbs. The exact amount is around 63 or 64 lbs.  I can't remember exactly what the scale said yesterday.  That brings total weight loss in the last year to about 110 lbs.  Still a long way to go though, and I need to start doing more "land" exercise vs water aerobics, which leads into my next item...

I bought a bicycle.  Of course, most people would say "Oh, big deal."  Well, it isn't exactly easy to find a bicycle for someone of my size.  LivingXL sells them, but I was able to find out who actually builds them and order directly from the factory with the exact customizations that I wanted.  The company, Worksman Cycles, is based in NY and does all construction there.  After all was said an done, including shipping, my bicycle was around $700, but it is very sturdy.  Of course, that brings us to riding a bike again for the first time since high school.

Everyone always says "It's like riding a bike, you never forget".  My version, "It's like riding a bike.  You remember how to do it in theory, but in practice it is very awkward and takes time to get used to again, and don't be surprised if you fail."™  Fortunately, on my first few trips, I have not crashed and burned (despite Chrissy's best efforts by not tightening the handle bars enough).  I am becoming more comfortable on the bike with each shift of gears and each revolution of the pedals, but it is still not like it was when I was younger.  Of course, I also had less mass to balance atop the bike back then.

Now, as for what I am eating these days, with my 1/2 cup (at max) holding stomach...not much.  Breakfast every morning is a protein shake made with vanilla ice cream flavored protein powder, milk, and either blueberries, strawberries, sugar-free chocolate syrup, or a combination of the later two.  Lunch is as much as 1/2 a cup of food, usually left over from dinners.  I usually have a yogurt sometime during the day as well, and dinner will consist of various protein and vegetable combinations.  I have had crab cakes on multiple occasions, although 1 G&M sized crab cake will last 3-4 meals for me, so it is much cheaper when Chrissy and I do end up eating out.  Last night (and for breakfast this morning) I had Egg Drop soup, since it has a decent amount of protein, and sometimes solid foods still don't sit right in my stomach.

I also consume 12 oz of liquid every day just for my vitamins and calcium supplements.  They are isotonic, so they are absorbed into the bloodstream better.  I have to take 1 cap of vitamin and 2 of calcium twice a day.  Add 2oz of water per cap-full and I have a mixed fruit flavored vitamin cocktail to take twice a day.  I am also on a sub-lingual B-12 supplement and a chewable iron supplement.

I guess I should mention the hurri-quake (or quake-icane) somewhere in this blog post.  The Earthquake hit while I was on the third floor of my building at work and scared the crap out of me.  Never felt an earthquake that big.  Now, the Californians all laughed at us because it was a "little" earthquake.  Well, my only response to that is, it was more than big enough for my liking.  Then Irene came up the coast, and parts of the Eastern Shore were under mandatory evacuation orders.  We weren't and stayed here through the storm.  Besides a slight bit of water leakage into the basement, we weathered the storm fine.  I picked up some basement crack sealing stuff online and will be working on that sometime soon.  They were small leaks, and hopefully we won't get any more hurricanes any time soon, plus this weekend is kind of busy, but it will get done.

I guess that is all for now.  I haven't been doing any exciting trips like my sister, and sadly, I haven't even had my Nikon out for a while.  I have been meaning to take some nice photos around Chestertown, but just haven't gotten enough motivation to do so.  I do have some car work to take care of and will probably blog about that when it's done.  In the meantime, follow me on twitter, and if you know me, friend me on Facebook (I ignore requests from people I don't know).

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Full Passport said...

as soon as you have the time (i.e. don't have to work on the car) for exciting adventures you guys can visit me wherever I am! Seriously, my travel is the biggest perk of non-vehicle ownership! ;)