Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Things I wish users on the Internet knew

Posting a long legalese sounding note as your Facebook status does not prevent companies from using your data. The fact Facebook is now a public company doesn't change things magically. You signed away most of your rights to your data when you signed up. (Remember that little "I agree..." check box?)

This is just the latest in a trend of people being fooled by the internet. No one is perfect and I am sure I have been fooled once or twice, but some of these things are just bad. No, Microsoft won't donate money for each person you forward an email to. It doesn't work that way people. You can't stop world hunger by sharing a 30 second YouTube video. Twinkies don't last forever. The government isn't hiding plans for a car that can go 100 miles on nothing but a gallon of water. So think before you share that crap. 

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