Thursday, July 19, 2012

"And I'm half the man I used to be"

I mean that title in a good way.  I am just a few pounds more than 1/2 my highest recorded weight.  Currently, 305lbs, highest recorded, 595lbs in August 2010.  On July 5th, 2011, I had gastric bypass surgery.  My weight at that time, 540lbs.  I have come a long way and it has been an interesting journey.  One filled with learning how my body works now, finding my limits, and uncovering new problems.
Self Portrait
This photo is from very near to my peak weight in Oct 2010

The initial weight loss was extremely quick and my energy levels increased greatly.  I was continuing with water aerobics, walking more outside, and the pounds were shedding off.  My energy was much better on our anniversary trip in 2011 to the the rest of New England.

Statue of Liberty Visit
This photo is from Oct 2011

In December 2011, my parents saw me for the first time since the surgery, and were shocked at the transformation.  Shortly after I got back to Maryland, I suffered a setback though, in the name of a perforated ulcer.  I woke up in immense pain, and ended up in the hospital in town and then having emergency surgery in Baltimore later that day.  After about 2 weeks on he mend.  At the time of the ulcer, I was 380 lbs.  Due to post surgery swelling, I wen back up to 420, but quickly dropped that back off.

Old weigtloss photo from April
April 2012
This brings you up to about now.  I need to take a new "weight loss" photo but my weight hasn't moved a whole lot lately, so the last one I will post is my "Jared-esq" photo from May.  I am "Severely Obese" by BMI and would still qualify for gastric bypass even now, but the improvement has been incredible.  The Nurse at the Dr. office this week said she doesn't think she has seen so much weight loss in the first year after surgery, and the exercise specialist at the office thinks I have set the new record in their office for total inches lost.  With my increased activity has aggravated some other issues though, such as a heal spur which now has me wearing custom orthotics, and my knee has started acting up so I just saw an orthopedists today and they gave me a big ol' shot of cortisone. Fun times.  Stay tuned for updated pictures.

Jared-esq photo from May 22nd
May 2012

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Tad Callin said...

Not to try to compare to your accomplishment, but just to offer encouragement: I have flirted with 220 lbs. the last few years, and have only really tried to change things in the last 18 months or so. I'm hanging out at 200 even right now, and even that ~15 lb. loss made a big change in how I feel. I've reduced most of my back pain, and since starting yoga, I've been able to correct some symptoms of sciatica that had been bothering me.

Point being - you sometimes won't believe how close you are to feeling better, if you just keep pushing through.

Good on you, amigo!