Saturday, July 14, 2012

Share the Road...that goes both ways

You always see signs that say "Share the Road" and "Watch for Motorcycles" and yes, cars need to be mindful of motorcycles, but the reverse is true as well. Only once have I seen a sign say "Cars and Motorcycles Share the Road."

This post may piss off some people I know who own motorcycles, but this isn't directed at your everyday motorcycle rider. This is directed to the people who swerve between cars and shoot the gap on the highway. This is also directed at the assholes who cut you off then turn backwards on their bike to flip you off (yes that happened to me).

I will also bitch about bicycles for a second. If you want the right to be treated with respect on the road, you also have to follow the laws. You can't run stop signs and lights and get pisses off if someone honks. If you want to run that stop sign, you can hop off you bike and actually run past it and hop back on. /rant

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