Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Why gun people get a bad name

There was an idiotic conversation at work yesterday about the Perry Hall High School shooting.  It quickly jumped the shark and went straight to ZOMG ARM ALL THE TEACHERS!  This is why gun people get a bad name.  I will admit, that I have only been shooting once, but I enjoyed it and plan to go again.  That said, I realize that giving every teacher a gun does not solve things.  Look at what happened in NYC recently.  A guy killed one former co-worker, then when police gunned him down when he opened fire outside, the nine people injured were all hit by the police, not the gunman.  I heard the same responses after the Colorado shootings too. "Oh, if more people were carrying guns, this wouldn't have happened."

Please stop using incidents like this to promote that everyone have a gun.  At the same time, please stop using incidents like this to say that guns should be banned.  Bad people will do bad things.  In the absence of a gun, there are other ways to accomplish horrendous feats that require less paperwork and money then buying a gun.  Let people mourn and heal after tragic incidents rather than make it a political rallying cry.

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