Thursday, August 30, 2012

Warning - Heavy on the car content

For my non-car friends, this post is probably a "skip-it" since I will be talking about cars, only cars, and nothing but cars.  Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, if you are still with me, I hope you enjoy this post.

Currently, in "the garage" I have the 2007 Rabbit, the 2011 SportWagen TDI and a 2002 F150 (in reality, only the VWs are in the garage, the truck is curb-parked).  The TDI is the practical commuter, the F150 is the "I need to haul something" vehicle and the Rabbit has become the toy.  I have the modder bug pretty bad, but most of the serious modding goes into the Rabbit.  The TDI just has some added Euro-flare to it at this point, but the power train and suspension are still stock.  The only mission with the truck is to keep it running.

Since the Rabbit is the toy, I would also like to start showing it at VW shows, and have registered for Dubs on the Boards in Wildwood, NJ.  I don't see the car winning anything at this point, but I would like to in the future.  With that in mind, there are some things that it will need to have done.  First and foremost is paint!  There was a rock chip on the roof that had gone down to bare metal and was rusting a bit, so I tried my hand at repair.  The first attempt was terrible.  The second attempt is more passable after many passes with my buffer using rubbing compound then polishing compound, but it still looks like crap (in my opinion).  The roof spoiler also looks like crap now after my first AND second attempt at painting that failed, and then I just plast-dipped it to give it kind of a textured look like the lower valances and still didn't come out right.  There is also some paint flaking on the front bumper.  I can't complain too much since the car has 118,000 miles on it, but I wish it looked better.

Second is for the rims to be re-done. I did a silver wheel paint rattle can job on them for now because they had been curb rashed to hell.  They look shitty, and some of the paint already chipped off.  They really should either get polished or powder coated.  Step 3 is some Euro R32 Tail lights.

So, those are the things I have yet to do, what about things that have been done to make my car stand out?
Front and Rear fog lights
Amber rear turn signals
tinted front side markers
GTI leather seats w/ suede inserts
Votex front valence - on order
Votex side-skirts - on order
AWE Tuning Exhaust
APR Carbonio Intake
Unitronic Chip Tune
GTI Rims (the same ones that need to be refinished)
JOM Coilovers

Here is a recent photo of the car while it was still on the 16" rims.
Klopfer parked with a fellow rabbit
Unfortunately, my funds are not unlimited, so the rest of the changes will have to wait.  Unless of course, you would like to donate to my cause below and help me win a VW car show in the future ;)

PS - I highly doubt anyone will actually use this button, but I figured it was worth a shot.  Maybe some anonymous wealthy person who loves VWs will chip

UPDATE: New photos taken of Klopfer.  Granted, the car is very dirty, but the scenery is nice.
Some quick pics by the river

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