Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Taking Praise for My Work - Impostor Syndrome Part III

First, for background, read Impostor Syndrome and Impostor Syndrome Part Deux.

I received some significant praise via email from someone recruiting me to work in their office.  The praise was to the effect of "getting you over here is more important than -something else important-" and my Impostor Syndrome brain freaked the fuck out. My train of thought was literally "Holy crap, holy crap, I better be as good as they think I am." I had a follow on conversation with that person and more praise and confidence in my abilities were rained down on me, but that "Holy crap" voice kept going through my head all day anyway.

I also received some other praise today at work and the person explicitly said that I take criticism better than I take praise, and I really wish that wasn't the case, but it is true.  Leading up to my gastric bypass I even had to talk to a clinical social worker (it is part of their program to make sure you are ready for such a life changing event) and when asked to describe good qualities about myself, I became very uncomfortable and had a difficult time answering the question. 

So, has anyone else out there with impostor syndrome come to grips with how to accept praise or even better, overcome the syndrome?  

Enough about that.  One more day of work this week, and then Friday I will be out on the race track having some fun doing Friday at the Track at Summit Point raceway in WV.  Expect a blog post, photos, and video of that excursion when I get a chance.

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