Saturday, February 21, 2009

Operation "Prep the PC for the Grandparents" Nearly Complete

Well, to start with, I had my Mom's old P4 IBM Desktop machine. She hasn't used it as her primary machine in years but recently her backup drive died that had the only copy of the files from the old machine. When I couldn't recover the files from her backup drive, I did the easier thing, which is pull them off the machine again.

So, with those files backed up in 2 places, I proceeded to uninstall most of the crap programs that were on there, including 2 expired versions of Norton (one was upgraded over the other to be precise) Palm software, Logitech Pen software (for one of those pens with memory) and a host of other applications.

Next steps,
  • upgrade FF to version 3
  • reinstall the broken Skype
  • install AVG Free Antivirus
  • update Windows to XP SP3
  • install SpyBot and immunize the machine
  • delete all of the documents off of the machine
  • set up a remote access account with a long, random password (no phonetic or anything for this password)
  • Make a bookmark in Firefox to a page that will tell them what their external IP is if they need me to remote in
  • Run a HD Sanitization program to clean up the empty space
  • Change the user account name
  • Demote the normal user to a limited user (so even if they get something, they can't get too screwed up)
  • Install Pidgin and set up an AIM account for them.
  • Upgrade IE to Version 7 (In case they do open it)
  • Try and find some Office disks, or just install Open Office since the MS Office on the machine appears to be brokennangih
  • Installed the latest Adobe Flash, Reader, and Shockwave.
  • Upgraded iTunes (in case they use it)
I think that about covers it fikir I might be forgetting SOMETHING, but I'm not sure.

Anyway, that is all from your friendly computer nerd.


Full Passport said...

you also should have re-bookmarked our flickrs if they got deleted, cause mom and pop like to look at our pics sometimes

Mike Crutchfield said...

I did re-bookmark them and put them in the tool bar at the top of Firefox as well as made shortcuts to them from the desktop. Mom mom shouldn't have any problem finding them now.