Saturday, March 14, 2009

Damaged goods....Part Deux

No, there won't be any arrows made of chickens or the highest body count in movie history in this post (referencing Hot Shots Part Deux). This is just the second part of my previous post, and I am starting to work on it during Half-time of the Maryland-Duke game. Maryland is down by two, and overall is playing decent, so the tone of the first part of the post might have a different tone than the last part of the post.

So picking up where I left off, it is now the Fall of my senior year at University of Maryland. I am living in University Courtyard apartments with Charlie Harris, Jimmy Trzyna and Bruce (who's last name I am blanking on). Shortly before school started we had Charlie's 21st birthday and then mine. Both parties kicked ass, I was plastered as hell, said some things that could have gotten me in serious trouble with certain people had anyone but Matt heard them, and went from having a future date with someone to then being told I was too "Fluffy" which supposedly wasn't in reference to my weight but that I was too, well, I am not exactly how to put it other than

September 11th happened and like most I was in a bit of shock after that, and then the Tornado came. Well, actually, I skipped over a bit. In late summer I had started talking to someone on on a regular basis. We were really hitting it off and getting closer to meeting in person. There was also Tequilla chick and her friend and I tried to make a pass @ Tequila chick but was shot down) It probablly doesn't help that I can't remember her

Game has started back up, my typing may become a bit distracted...

Anyway, the Tornado comes and hits my apartment building. Fortunately for me, I was on Rt. 100 in Ellicott city at the time, blisfully unaware of the tornado until my mom called me and sounded very concerned. "Where are you?" "I'm on the road." "Will you be here soon?" "Yeah, I am on 100, why?" "There is a tornado that just hit college park and is following you up I-95" I made it home quickly after that call.

After the anger had passed, I said I had to get back to school because I had a program due that night for a class. That was when I found out I wasn't getting home that night because there was debry EVERYWHERE, no power and many closed roads in College Park. I tredged back up to MD. I spent the next two weeks sleeping on Chris's couch, and got the flu. Then I spent 2 weeks comuting from home while our apartment building was under repair. It was during that time that Chrissy (the person I had been talking to on college club) called me. We decided we would go out on the 5th, which also happened to be he day I could move back into my apartment. So that Friday, I backed up a my parents house, took all my crap to College Park, and then headed up to Baltimore City to a school who's name I would later found out had an acronym of CONDOM (College Of Notre Dame Of Maryland).

Well, we quickly hit it off in person and were officially dating on the 8th of October 2001. Things were actually looking up. How could they go wrong ad in what way? Well, I think I am gonna save that for a Part III and go back to concentrating on the MD game.

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