Thursday, March 5, 2009

Random thoughts about Tomorrow and the weekend

Well, first off, I have an appointment with the nutritionist tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that because I haven't been sticking to a diet as well as I had hoped. I had so much success the first time we were on weight watchers (before we moved to Germany) but now I am having a hard time getting started up again. I know I need to get motivated because unless I lose some weight, I can't get the gastric bypass to lose a TON of weight. (Well, not a Ton, I don't weight 2000lbs...but you get the point).

So that alone is a reason to not look forward to tomorrow, and I also have to go to work before that. One of my co-workers is driving me absolutely batty gileright now, asking me really stupid ass questions about basic computer stuff. I mean, this is stuff that she should have known for a while just from having to use a computer on a daily basis for her job, yet somehow, I keep getting asked. I will have my headphones on, merrily coding away and she will pop up behind me tap me on the shoulder or something and say she has a question, multiple times a day. Unfortunately, I don't have a bang my head on the desk emoticon, so I will just use this.bising

This weekend, I have a few things I have to do as well. First off, I need to finally do something to color the lenses for the turn signals on Kl0pfer (the rabbit) so that the turn signals are actually amber rather than blazing white. For those who aren't familiar with the new Rabbits, the rear turn signals are normally the brake light on that side. Not very safe, because
  1. That means the turn signal is red.
  2. That means if you turn it on as you are braking, there are now less lights indicating you are braking on the back of the car.
To remedy this, I installed the European bulb holders from a VW Golf and did some re-coding with my VagCom. Unfortunately, I didn't want to pay for the European housings and I could only find the bulbs in clear, so even with some stained glass paint, they are still showing up as white when I turn on the turn signals. tension Need to get that fixed.

I also need to install the last toggle post to hold down the floor mat on the drivers side in the Rabbit. The Rabbit came with straight up posts to hold the mat in place (which do NOTHING) but I bought the little rotating clips like the Jetta has. I have installed 3 of the 4, but I haven't installed the fourth. I also have the European Cup Holder to install in the car which has a closing lid and a place for a bottle opener (The German's love to drink things out of poptop bottles...coke, fanta, water, you name it.) That is going to be a very long job because we have to take apart the center consule to get underneith it and pull out the old cup holder.

Chrissy finally nagged me enough that I signed up for a Facebook account. I will keep posting my photos to Flickr and my videos to YouTube, and I will keep using Twitter and this blog as well, but you will probably notice my mobile "tweets" will also go to Facebook and I will reference everywhere else in my facebook profile (such as this huge-ass blog post). I eventually will redo and make it a portal for all things me (You Tube, Flickr, MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, this blog, and all of the car related stuff).

I need to try to catch up with some people sometime soon. Chris DeWeese, you are on that list. We will be seeing Kirk & Sarah soon for Sarah's b-day, and my boss from Germany will be in town at the end of March / early April beginning his house hunt for his PCS. I need to find out when Matt will next be in town from bumfuck...I mean, Kansas.

Other than all of that, not much is going on. Well, that is the longest post I have written in a while, and I think it's time to wrap things up. Hope you all enjoyed!

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