Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dubs on the Boards 2012 (More Car Content)

Dubs on the Boards was the third Volkswagen show I made it to this year and was the first time I ever entered my car in a show. (I registered my car in the "Exhibition" area at Waterfest this year, but that doesn't really count).  Since I am more of the introverted type, I mostly kept to myself but I did strike up a few conversations with the event organizer Marc (@dubnutt) and had a brief conversation with one of the other guys from Maryland who has a VERY nice bagged Rabbit (even though I am not normally a fan of bags, his car is nice).  There were a lot of "clicks" there of people who have known each other from previous years or other shows, and a bunch of clubs.  I did have a few conversations with random passers-by about the show though explaining how we had all these Volkswagen family vehicles on the boardwalk and answered some questions about my car.

Given the scale of the show, it went fairly well.  The first problem was people not knowing how to park AT ALL which caused a huge delay getting on the Boardwalk which kind of set everything back the rest of the day.  The vote tallying was also very delayed due to technical difficulties but that did give Marc a chance to make some announcements.  I knew I wasn't going to be winning anything given the state of my car, but how often do you get to drive on a boardwalk anywhere?  I snapped a ton of pictures of the various cars along the boardwalk.  I would have liked to take more of the photos from the crouched position but every time I would get down in the catcher like stance, my knee was making horrible horrible noises (thank you "moderate arthritis").  In all, I have uploaded 107 photos from the show (and may throw up a few more after making another pass of my photos).

With the change in parking planned for next year, hopefully the rolling up on the boardwalk will go smoother, and a faster vote tallying process would be nice (if I come up with any wonderful ideas, I will let them know).     Chrissy told Marc she would be happy to volunteer next year.  I look forward to making Dubs on the Boards an annual trip!  Maybe next time, my car will be more "show-worthy" and I will walk away with one of those cool trophies.  Up next for Klopfer is H2O International in a few weeks.

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