Friday, September 21, 2012

Home of the Stupid Round 2 - Fight

The same person who posted the wall post I mentioned in my last Home of the Stupid post made another wonderful gaff today.
So now the pictures from Egypt come out of those animals dragging the ambassador through the streets.... Not carrying him to the fing hospital. This administration is a God damn disgrace. Someone needs to drag them through the streets!
*sigh*  I wish people would be informed of these things called facts.  Nothing happened to the American ambassador in Egypt.  My reply was as follows:
Please get your facts straight...The ambassador that was killed was in Libya, not Egypt. And second, the Libyans in photos such as the one here in the linked article are attempting to get him to help and there weren't any ambulances around.
I then linked to an article I found online that showed one of the photos of Libyans trying to get him to safety.

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